Integrated Community Education and Development Association (ICEDA)
Thursday, February 17, 2011 10:04 PM


The Integrated Community Education and Development Association (ICEDA) is a national organization registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ethiopia. The mission of ICEDA is making education first for all children through alternative approaches with the active involvement of all stakeholders. read more

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Around 1300 girls from ten neighbouring schools in Akaki woreda of East Shoa Zone, Oromia State. have submitted their signatures appealed to traditional leaders to use their influential position to put social sanctions on the traditional practices harming girls. Simultaneously, the girls demanded for the establishment of a separate Desk which will be following up practices affecting women and children at woreda level. Read more


Having understood that mothers have a great role for educating their daughters, ICEDA has established nine mothers’ forums composed of 622 members to meet monthly at their respective villages to discuss on civil and political rights of women and children. The Yerer Abayi, Chaffe Buki. Bili Silto and Dimtu mothers’ forums were established in 2006 and the remaining were newly established in 2007. Read more



ICEDA is closely working with local authorities, communities, and teachers to access basic education to all children in the district and improve quality of education. ICEDA together with them identify out-of school children and help them to find ways to go back to school. The annual planning, joint supervision, reflection and review meetings have strengthened the partnership and as a result positive changes are registered. Read more





ICEDA launches an electronic monthly newsletter aimed at pulling the attention of policy makers & the media as well as promoting networking and information exchange among CSOs, CBOs and local government bodies on children’s rights.

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